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The beautiful natural environment and the good climate of the area, offer the possibility of numerous activities in both mountain and sea. For those who love action, the options are many. The area around Litohoro and Dion, the national park of Mount Olympus and the coastline of the region are ideal for hiking, climbing, mountain biking and canoeing, while in our estate we often organise yoga seminars

and alternative therapy sessions.



Canyoning is the descent into the canyon. It is done by walking on the beds of ravines, followed by waterfalls descent with ropes, using the technique of Rappel. It is organised in small groups of 6-10 people who are always accompanied by at least two experienced guides / mountain instructors. Best season is from March to November however, it can also be done carefully during the summer months, provided that the gorge of interest retains sufficient water flow.


Canyoning Routes in Olympus



Duration downhill: 4-5 hours

Meeting point: Church of Ag. Konstantinos at Dion.

After an hour of walking at signalised path, we reach the top of the gorge. The route has seven rappels, 10 to 30 meters, water slides and Jump! The water is crystal clear and the route is all green. The steady flow of water allows descents

throughout the summer.


St Kori

This is an easy canyon with small rappel 5-20 meters, water slides and beautiful lakes. It is located above the village of Old Vrontou, and the initial access is by car from a forest dirt road. The gorge ends at the Church of St. Kori.

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