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The beautiful natural environment and the good climate of the area, offer the possibility of numerous activities in both mountain and sea. For those who love action, the options are many. The area around Litohoro and Dion, the national park of Mount Olympus and the coastline of the region are ideal for hiking, climbing, mountain biking and canoeing, while in our estate we often organise yoga seminars

and alternative therapy sessions.



The climbing the legendary mountain of 12 gods is a unique experience. Being a high and challenging mountain, Mt Olympus offers numerous possibilities for any fit person who wishes to explore it, as well as for the experienced climber.

It takes two days to climb to Mytikas, the top of the mountain, with one night spent in a refuge. However, if you are a keen trekker you may need more than a couple of

days to enjoy it.


The ascent from the east side is from Litochoro. There are four main routes, with varying degrees of difficulty:


• Litochoro - Enipeas Gorge- P. Moni Ag. Dionysiou - Prionia


• Prionia- Refuge Spilios Agapitos - Top


• Litochoro - Livadaki - Kalogeros - Top


• Diastavrosi or Gortsia - Plateau of the Muses - Top


The Greek Mountaineering Association (EOS, tel. 23520 84544), and the Association of Greek Mountaineers (SEO, tel. 23520 84200) in Litochoro, provide detailed information about the treks to to Mt Olympus.

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