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The area is truly blessed. The municipality of Dion-Olympus has too many comparative advantages in relation to other Pieria and Central Macedonia regions, since it harmoniously combines mountain and sea, has rural and tourist economy, boasts famous archaeological sites and is an area rich in surface and ground waters.



At the foot of the mountain of the 12 gods, in the gorge of Enipeas river, lies the picturesque village of Litochoro.

A unique combination of mountain and sea, Litochoro

is a great choice for travellers at all seasons. In either winter, summer , spring and summer, nature is at its best.

The beauty of the landscape and the colour transitions

amongst the towering peaks of Olympus are breathtaking. The aesthetic harmony is beautifully combined with human warmth. Here, ancient myth meets history and history meets tradition.


The village was developed in the 1920s as a sanatorium for the tubercular due its healthy climate. Today, hospitable Litochoro, where the mountain dew combines with the sea breeze, is still a popular health resort. It is also the starting point for hiking and trekking adventures to Mt Olympus, the residence of the ancient gods. From here, at an altitude of 300m the wandering starts in forest ravines, in landscapes with varied vegetation and in the famous Enipeas river valley.


Another attraction in town is the Naval Museum of Litochoro. Founded in 2004, it is registered at the Ministry of Culture as a contemporary Naval cultural heritage body. The collection consists of Nautical relics from locals, as well as exhibits of the merchant shipping and is continuously enriched.


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