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The area is truly blessed. The municipality of Dion-Olympus has too many comparative advantages in relation to other Pieria and Central Macedonia regions, since it harmoniously combines mountain and sea, has rural and tourist economy, boasts famous archaeological sites and is an area rich in surface and ground waters.



At the foot of Mt Olympus, north of Litohoro and 15km south of Katerini, lies Ancient Dion, one of the most famous Macedonian towns. The ruins of the city are located 4 km from the sea.


Ancient Dion was a place of strategic importance and the sacred city of Macedonians. It was where they worshipped the Olympian deities and where Alexander the Great sacrificed before setting off to conquer the world.


The archaeological site and Museum of Dion, where all the findings of Ancient Dion are exposed, have made the region an important tourist destination.


The archaeological excavations have brought to light the sanctuary of the Egyptian goddess Isis and other gods of Egypt, the small temple of Aphrodite, the ancient temple of Dimitra, the Hellenistic Theater of the time of Philip V, 2nd century Roman theater, stage, the Villa of the God Dionysus with wonderful mosaics, cemetery, shops, stelae (the shrine of Jupiter), Odeon, walls, musical instruments (such as the hydraulis , a wind musical instrument) and bathrooms.


The reconstructed ancient theater of Dion, is open to the public every August during the Olympus festival, where plays and concerts are performed. Also in Dion each year during the festival, there is an exhibition of Mosaics in the Centre of

Mediterranean Mosaics.

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