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The area is truly blessed. The municipality of Dion-Olympus has too many comparative advantages in relation to other Pieria and Central Macedonia regions, since it harmoniously combines mountain and sea, has rural and tourist economy, boasts famous archaeological sites and is an area rich in surface and ground waters.



Paleos(Old) Panteleimon is a traditional village of the Prefecture of Pieria, built at an altitude of 440 m. on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus. Is one of the best

examples of traditional Macedonian architecture in northern Greece.


In the 1950s, it began to be deserted as its residents began to move in masses to the village of Neos(New) Panteleimon. For that reason Palaios Panteleimon managed to maintain its local colour until the 1980s, when and it was renovated and the rapid tourist development began.


Today it is a major attraction for visitors and passers by the area, as well as nature lovers who can engage in activities such as mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing.


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