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The area is truly blessed. The municipality of Dion-Olympus has too many comparative advantages in relation to other Pieria and Central Macedonia regions, since it harmoniously combines mountain and sea, has rural and tourist economy, boasts famous archaeological sites and is an area rich in surface and ground waters.



Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, worldwide known for its mythological context. According to the religion of ancient Greeks, its top Mytikas (2.918 m.), was where the 12 deities of Olympus inhabited. Ιts dense, majestic figure dominates the scenery on the borders between Macedonia and Thessaly. A series of high peaks and deep gorges, beautifully engulf an area of rare and particular

biodiversity. In order to protect this unique heritage,

Mt Olympus has been proclaimed the first National Park of Greece since 1938.


Every year, thousands of nature lovers visit the Olympus mountain to enjoy its awesome landscape, to walk through its beautiful forests and to conquest its peaks. Organised mountain refuges with a variety of mountaineering and climbing routes are available to visitors who want to explore the beauties of the mountain.


Classic starting point is the town of Litohoro, on the east foothills of the mountain, 100 km. from Thessaloniki. Each summer, the Olympian Alpine Marathon finishes there.


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